TU Wien - Project in Computer Science 2 with Amazon AWS

Project Details:

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the project, students should be familiar with 
- coding practices developed in cloud computing, in particular at Amazon AWS. 

Students should also be able to analyze a practical cloud computing challenge, to choose adequate methods for their solutions, and to evaluate the results.

Upon interests, student may opt to be certified as an AWS Cloud Practitioner or AWS Solution Architect Associate, receiving AWS cloud industry certifications.

Subject of the Project

The  presents recent trends and solutions in cloud computing, with particular focus on emerging solutions applied at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Training sessions and project work will be offered in selected topics, based on common discussions and individual interests of respective students. 

The course topics, and related project work topics, will cover
basics of cloud services, data security in the cloud, serverless architectures, database choices, and AI and machine learning solutions developed at AWS.

Teaching methods

There will be 7 training sessions + 7 exercise (lab) sessions, with each session being run by members of the AWS Austrian Solution Architect team. 

- Each training session will last 2 x 45 mins, using an in-class format. 
These sessions will overview the basics of cloud services, data security in the cloud, serverless architectures, database choices and AI/ML solutions developed at AWS.

- Each exercise session will last 2 x 45 mins, using an in-class format. These session will support students to apply and try the material presented in the training sessions. Within the exercise (lab) sessions, students will have the possibility to chose topics of interest and deepen their knowledge on the respective topics. Bootcamp mentoring and training will be provided by AWS on chosen topics, depending on beginners/intermediate/advanced expertise.

Practice tests and videos, as well as homework assignments will be handed out after each sessions. 

Students will be asked to give mid-term and final presentations on their progress and learning outcomes: short mid-term presentations of 5 minutes with two presentations within March-May and one final presentation of 10-15 minutes in June. 

Company visits will also be organized upon interests.
Students will also have the opportunity to opt to be AWS certified after completing the sessions, where certifications may include specializations for AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. AWS sponsors these certifications for the students.

Mode of examination


The course grade will be decided based on the participation of students in sessions, as well as on their presentations.
As such, the course grade will be pass or fail.

Additional Information

ECTS Breakdown:
10h meetings and presentations
140h individual project work
TOTAL: 150h (6 ECTS)

Project coordinators and contacts: